Fairytales In My Mind
Fairytales In My Mind

Blog #20

Here’s to the rest of us.
A quick update of everything that’s been going on:
I got my driver’s…

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Bucketlist # 10
Late night drives with you. If I’m lucky enough to have a car someday, I want to have a late night drive with you. I will pick you up from your house and you will silently go out to your room because you don’t want any of your family members to know that you’re going out so late. Then after you walk out to the door, you will run from there to my car and you will kiss me like we have never seen each other for a long time. I will drive you in the city and we will watch the beautiful lights shining so bright in the middle of that perfect night. We will stop in a 7/11 store or any one stop shop to buy foods and drinks then we will go back to the car. You will play our favorite music and we will sing our hearts out. Then maybe if we get tired, we will stop in a park and eat all the foods we bought and maybe drink a little in the top of my car while watching the stars. Then we will talk about things we never talked about, laugh about our past mistakes and be excited for what future may bring to us.

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Just imagine

Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy (by mambo1935)

Ponte Sant’Angelo, Roma, Italy